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Everything guests need at the touch of their fingertips™

A touch-screen mirror, digital concierge and smart-locking cabinet that provides guests access to hotel services and amenities, and finds local restaurants and attractions.

MirrorCache SmartAccessMirror

"MirrorCache® has the potential to change the game in the hospitality and guest service industry."
~ Walt Disney World Resorts

"When staying in a hotel, I always lock my jewelry in the safe before leaving the room. SmartAccessMirror™ would be much more convenient to use, and would make me feel safer about where I put my valuables."
~ Juliana; hotel guest

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Elevating the Guest Experience


  • Improve satisfaction by tailoring guest needs, profiles, data and preferences
  • Encourage loyalty rewards program and enrollment
  • Provide insights, data and analytics
  • Promote hotel restaurants, services and amenities
  • Provide faster access to (in-house amenities), local activities and hotel guides
  • Offer state-of-art technology guests increasingly expect
  • Increase operational and technology efficiencies 
  • Centrally manage energy usage to decrease overall in-room consumption

State-of-the-Art Services Guests Expect


  • Access hotel services and explore amenities
  • Secure valuables in a state-of-the-art secure locking safe
  • Discover local restaurants, activities and events
  • Manage rewards membership, room reservations and checkout preferences
  • Control in-room media, temperature and lighting

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