• SmartAccessMirror™ | smart safes

    Product Features

    • FingertipsOS
      An operating system built to travel with you. Integrates with hotel mobile device applications.
      ...coming soon for Android and iOS

    • DonBox
      The smartest hardware safe.

    • DaisyMirror
      Capacitive touchscreen mirror -
      a perfect interaction for amenities, services, and personalized content. Everything the hotel guest needs at the touch of their fingertips

    US Patent No. 9,879,467

    Travel Assistant & Concierge

    • TravelSync™ Connects you to all your hotel needs such as concierge, valet and room service, links itineraries, flights, and more.

    • CleanSlate™ Ensures you are effectively checked out of your room, and that all your belongings are safely with you before leaving. Request late check out, provide feedback to the hotel, file incident reports, respond to stay surveys, and more.

    • Celsius™ An energy interface for thermostat, blinds, and all your in-room / at-home energy needs.
      * Works with other energy applications.

    • SpikeAudio™ Premium in-room audio powered by Tectonic Audio Labs.

    • PangHalo™ Your reflection, but better. A built in lit up makeup mirror that increases energy levels by promoting vitamin D in the body.

    • MakCam™ smart camera.

    • MagicMic™ A conversation worth having. Powered by Alexa and Google.

    • helloSAM™ Puts you in command with voice-activated services; VAS™

    • BeyondTime™ Integrated calendar and timekeeping services. Never miss a thing.

    • BlockVisual™ and
      BlockVideo™ for online video content, streaming services, TV provider access and other commercial video playback. Surf social streaming content with a seamless UI visual experience; SmartAccessMirror™ is turned into an imaginatively tailored infotainment & entertainment masterpiece.

    • RestUp™ Sleep and wake experience that provides a healthy and relaxing transition to and from sleep.

    • OWN™ Customizable app interface that puts you in control of all the content you own.

    • PrimeAzon Shop your way.


    • Ocual
      State of the art security interface for all our hotel smart safes.

      Built with Blockchain for PIN and biometric authentication access.

    • NIST certified methods.
      - PII and CPNI compliant
      - PCI compliant

    • EU GDPR compliant.

    Customer quote:

    "We anticipate improving guest satisfaction because of the in-room experience of SmartAccessMirror."
    - Hotel General Manager; Bellevue, WA